Friday, 26 March 2010


I have to admit that the blogs I follow on a daily basis are blogs written by very self-centered girls. And for some reason that's why I read them. Its brain-dead and funny, funny to se how they pose every day under the heading "today's outfit." These blogs were also the reason I wanted to start a blog that wasn't about me, my bad outfits and my boring life. Because I like to take photos, and because I came across this blog I decided I would start a blog with daily photos from Oslo. It started well, but the last few weeks I haven't been posting photos every day. I have been thinking I have lacked motivation, but I have realized that its a lack of creativity. The photo today is taken from a gallery here in Oslo, where, until Sunday, a blogger called Vigdis Løbach is having an exhibition. Its when I look at blogs like hers I don't feel very creative: and

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  1. Takk for å ha fått æren av å være det daglige fotoet :-)