Friday, 19 April 2013

Man on stilts

In one of the channels at Aker Brygge there is a statue of a man on stilts. The following text is taken from a webpage where a woman is sharing her interpretation of the statue:

The statue itself is not particularly original, but it is the location in the water and the surroundings that makes this a place to stop. The man gazes through the channel, towards the inner Oslofjord. There is where he wants to be! He wants to be out, in freedom, away from the hustle of the city - that's what counts! He is leaning forward, balancing on stilts, heading out to the sea. This man is simply cool, because he is balancing between the stable and traditional (Aker Brygge and the safe ground) and the new and unpredictable (Tjuvholmen and the sea). (ref.)


  1. Congratulations ! with the new design.

  2. I like the way you let us see so much of the surroundings. I never thought of that when I took a photo of it.