Thursday, 31 January 2013

Coffee = waste?

Coffee can be said to be Norway's national drink. Only in Finland do they drink more coffee than we do. Over 80% of the adult population in Norway drink coffee regularly, and an average norwegian drink about about 5 cups a day. That's about 9 kilos of coffee a year!! In 1994 there were two coffee shops in Oslo, today it's over a hundred. No doubt coffee shops are popular, the very sign of an urban society. As Erling Dokk Holm, a professor and researcher at the Oslo School of Marketing says "coffee shops are the dynamics of the social life of the city" (ref)But enough with all these coffee facts! Lets get to my point of this photo: All these coffee shops offer cheaper coffee as take-away. I've never thought of all the garbage all those paper cups must make, until I saw this stuffed trash can!

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  1. Well at least the snow keeps the rubbish tidy