Friday, 9 April 2010

A different world

I have been very lucky to have travelled a lot and experienced not only many different countries and cultures, but also fantastic views of mountains, lakes, beaches, waterfalls, forests etc. At some point through my travelling I realized that if I don't stop, in the middle of hiking the Inka Trail in Peru for example, and take a moment to look back to where I came from every now and then, I would not only miss out on views that could be even more fantastic than the views I had right in front of me, but I would also miss out on experiencing my surroundings and travelling in a different way than I else would. Now, wherever I am, I always take time to stop and turn around to see how the world looks like behind me. So I did the other day during the excursion to the Parliament Building. Whilst in Stortingssalen (the White Hall) when everyone was looking towards the front, I stopped, turned around and peeked out the windows. It was very interesting to get this view over the main street in Oslo, Karl Johan's gate. I don't think I've ever seen it from another angle than street level. The yellow building you can see in the far back is the norwegian castle, Slottet, and the little round square in the front is Eidsvolls Plass

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  1. Uttrykket "Se dig aldrig tilbake" blir i dette tilfelle uinteressant, da det forståelig er ment i overført betydning. (Men tenk på Lots hustru, hva hun nå het, hun så seg tilbake og dett var dett.)Selv ser jeg alt fra et andeperspektiv.