Saturday, 17 April 2010


There is this shop I sometimes find myself in, not because of the clothes they sell, but because of all the little trinkets they have for sale in the room furtherst in. The other day I suddenly was in this shop again, standing amongst pieces of lavender and mint soap, bath salt, ceramics for the kitchen and other design pieces. Then I noticed something I haven't seen there before; Even further into the shop, they've opened up a set of doors leading to another huge room, which serves as a gallery. I walked in and got mesmerized by the paintings there, almost all of them depicting Norwegian winter landscape and for a second I found myself starting to miss winter.. I especially liked the painting I'm posting today. I haven't managed to find any decent web pages that says anything about the artist, I only have a phamplet from the shop. But, he must be mentioned, his name is Kjetil Haaland

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