Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Foam party!

As spring arrives, and the month of April passes by, more and more young people can be spotted in red baggy pants running around town blowing whistles. This phenomenon is the Norwegian "Russefeiring" (the high school leavers party), which basically is three weeks worth of partying all day and all night long. It starts in the end of April and lasts until the 17th of May, on our national day. Along with the red pants, a type of hat or cap belongs to the leavers "uniform." The hat/cap has a very long tassel where you can tie stuff to it. The things you tie on the tassel represents different (stupid) tasks you have done, like drinking 24 beers in 12 hours or eaten a big mac in 30 seconds. After a quick search online I found the leavers official website with an overwiev of all the tasks. I couldn't find "Pour dishwashing liquid into a fountain" but this fountain outside the Nationaltheatret (the National Theatre) has got the leavers 2010 written all over it.
These are the tasks www.russ.no

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