Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Domus Media

The yellow buildings you can see on today's photo are two of the three old university buildings surrounding the University Square. The three buildings, named Domus Bibliotheca (on the left), Domus Media (in the middle) and Domus Academica (on the right outside the photo), are all a part of the University of Oslo. They were designed by Christian Heinrich Grosch and was completed in 1852. This make them the oldest university buildings in Norway. Today it is the University of Oslo's Faculty of Law and its students that houses these buildings.
The statue in the forground of today's photo is a statue of Ludvig Holberg, a famous Norwegian writer. It may look like the statue is a part of the University Square, although it is not. Between the statue and the university buildings and square, goes Karl Johan, Oslo's main street. The statue of Ludvig Holberg is actually erected next to the building that is Nationalteathret, the National Theatre, which is what I had my back against when I took this photo


  1. My wife's ancestor, Sophus Lie, was a famous mathematician and has a lecture hall named after him at the University there!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comments! I actually have lots of my lectures in Sophus Lie's auditorium!