Sunday, 23 May 2010


In need of a break from my studies (I've got three exams due this week!!) and some fresh air, I decided to go for a little walk around Aker Brygge and Akershus Fortress. Today's photo is taken right next to the fortress wall, on the fortress ground, overlooking Aker Brygge (here is an earlier entry from this area). On a day like this, sunny and warm, I wish I could do like all the other people around me: Relax on the grass in front of Akerhus Fortress, with good friends and perhaps a glass of wine!


  1. "Alt til sin tid" sier Profeten

  2. Those clouds kind of seem like your exams - looming. However, it seems like you shall be doing quite well considering the work you've put into it.

    Norwich Daily Photo