Thursday, 13 May 2010

The canopy

Right in front of the Nobel Peace Center at Aker Brygge (you can read an earlier post about this building here), this huge installation, the canopy, can be seen. It is design by the architect David Adjayes and made by Norsk Hydro (a Norwegian global supplier of aluminium and aluminium products) and recycled aluminium. The canopy is an artistic interpretation of the world map without borders, as borders are often the reason for conflict. Instead, the map is shown through a series of dots that represent places where the most people on the earth lives. According to the Nobel Peace Center's webpage on the subject, the canopy marks the start of Adjayes vision of a Nobel Peace Center as a world without borders, a place where the deliberate use of colours, sound, light and images will motivate and inspire the visitors to reflect on peace, war and conflict solving

1 comment:

  1. A world without borders would be fun. But I guess skateboarders could try this!