Sunday, 9 May 2010

Visit Norway!

Beating the cloud of ash and closing airports just barely, I'm back home in Oslo after a long-weekend on holiday. The city I have been in, is not only my favourite city in the world, after Oslo of course, but also the city where Eric Tenin posts his daily photo's from. (His blog was by the way what inspired me to start this blog) Yes, im talking about Paris!! Therefore, I am going to deviate from the rules just once, and post a photo taken in Paris about Oslo and Norway. I have to admit, I felt a little proud being Norwegian when I walked past these commercial ads in the parisian metro. It does look really beautiful, doesn't it?!
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  1. Must have been a great visit, Adelheid. Do they also show Dutch tulips in the metro? :-)

  2. No, no tulips unfortunately. However, I did go to an exhibition of Charley Toorop, where in a photo of her and her friends, taken by Eva Besnyƶ, one of her friends were wearing authentic clogs!!