Friday, 25 June 2010


After a few days abroad, I'm back blogging! Today's photo show the wall surrounding, and part of, Oslo Fengsel (Oslo Prison), populary called "Botsen" The prison was constructed between 1844 and 1851, designed by the architect Heinrich Schirmer (Schirmer has also designed, in cooperation with the architect Wilhelm von Hanno, several other prisons and churches in Oslo and around the country). Botsen was the first prison in Norway to be built after the "Philadephia System," where the inmates were strictely isolated in order for them to regret their crimes. Botsen was expanded in the 1900's and had, on its most, 223 inmates. In 1975 it became a part of Oslo Fengsel. Oh, and by the way, earlier I have posted a photo from the entrance/exit of the prison, see it here

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