Thursday, 17 June 2010


As a cat person, I had to take a photo of these two cats I spotted in a window at Tøyen. Although I really like cats, especially in the pose these cats are in (as a teenager I even wanted a tattoo on my hand(!) of a cat in this posture), I am somewhat questionable to having cats in a big city. Only because many owners keep them inside, and if they take them outside, its in a leash. Even though these cats looks happy and healthy, I can't help ask whether or not they are allowed outside to hunt the big city giant mice (read: rats)


  1. are you sure they are real cats?

  2. Of course it is a real cat; they love sitting in the window and watch their own street; in that way they can do twice: catch the warm inside , and watching what's happening outside:) Nice picture:)