Sunday, 6 June 2010

Egon's Exit

One of my best childhood memories are watching the Olsenbanden movies on television with my family on Saturday evenings. Olsenbanden, that can be translated into The Olsen's Gang, were a series of comedy movies from the 70's about Egon Olsen and his two buddies, his gang. They were three amateur criminals, in every movie trying to put to life one of Egon's remarkable plans. In every movie Egon describes the plans as solid and waterproof, and the plans might have been just as waterproof and solid as Egon predicted, had these three mates not been born with such huge amount of unluck each. Every movie starts with Egon finally being released from prison, with his two mates happy, waiting for him outside. Every movie ends with Egon being caught by the same persistent and vindictive police officer, and put to prison. Today's photo is taken approximately at the same place Egon's mates waits for him on his prison release. The red brick building you can see in the end of the road is in fact a real prison. It is Oslo Kretsfengsel (Oslo Prision), division A, known as Botsfengselet or Botsen

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