Tuesday, 29 June 2010

En helt vanlig dag i helvete!

In one staircase at national theatre trainstation you can find these displays. They show quotes from plays at the National Theatre together with it's title, when it's on and who acts in them. When I was commuting to university, I used to come up these escalators every day. I remember very well one play and its quotes. Ole Anders Tandberg's dramatization of the writer Tor Ulven's texts, the play "En helt vanlig dag i helvete" translating into "An ordinary day in hell" has stuck with me. Every time when I came up the escalators, feeling crappy after an hour of commuting and tired from not being able to sleep on the train because it was either packed with travellers and I had to stand the whole way, or I had to prepare something for university, I just read the quotes and especially the title, which made (and still does) for some reason so much sense to me. It was just another ordinary day in hell! I just regret I never got around to see the play, I think I would've liked it!

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