Thursday, 10 June 2010


I skimmed through the newspaper the other day, and I remember some headline about the worlds largest parking/recharge space for electric cars opening in Oslo somewhere. I didn't dwell upon this news for too long, until I suddenly saw this car park on my way to work today. I got a feeling this was the new recharge area I briefly read about in the news, since this car park has never been here before. And, I was right. On June 7th, the world largest municipal charging station for electrical cars was opened at Aker Brygge. It was celebrated by a parade of 69 electrical cars driving from the City Hall to the charging station. The station can hold up to 50 cars, where they can recharge their battery for free. On the same day, a national database for all the charging stations in Norway was opened by our Transport Minister. So, if you find yourself travelling through Oslo in an eco-friendly way, you can easily find a perfect little spot to stop, and recharge here!


  1. amazinG! In brazil the frist eletric cars came last month. Its a beginning!

  2. Quite interesting. Nice post.

  3. så søte biler, ønsker meg en sånn!